Calling “all hands on deck” – part 2

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What has happened since ResearchPool joined the « all hands on deck » call and started manning the ship?

Simply this: the launch of the Invest Week Paris (a mirror to the all so famous Paris Fashion Week but for Finance), where ResearchPool will host an event dedicated to investment research.

A Europe-wide Research event to be held in October

Paris has had a Fashion Week for many years, France is home to a number of international festivals, yet nothing in Finance has reached a similar magnitude, until today.

From 7-13 October 2019, Invest Week Paris will fill this hole with 3 key factors to have in mind: One week, One place, All investment

The 4 founding exhibitors (Af2i, AFG, Paris Europlace and L’Agefi) expect 2000+ international Asset Management decision makers to join in the Official Events (InfraWeek, AMTechDay, IMX, Global Invest Forum…), Fringe events from Asset Managers stakeholders, and Entertainment events.

Investment Management Exchange (IMX) will be the 9 October Official Event, running at the Paris Intercontinental Grand Hotel next to the Opera House.  We will showcase a ResearchPool hosted event on research and its (r)evolution, notably to demonstrate the quality and, breadth of the investment intelligence people can touch in one go (almost a metaphor of using an aggregator like ResearchPool), but also go search for answers with top panelists.

  • MiFID/ GDPR regulation shifts: are these opportunities for the market?
  • Defining best practices in meeting investors’ need for intelligence: timeliness, independence, expertise…
  • What technologies are being explored to enhance financial research?

Given the involvement of a number of investor players on this week, we believe it cannot be missed.  We are therefore throwing our weight behind this initiative to make sure that our platform users partner with us for inspiring and stimulating investment ideas.

Feel free to get in touch, if you want in and we are not already connected.

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