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ResearchPool is looking for an intern that wants to join the leading start-up in investment intelligence management and make-a-difference in the way that investment intelligence is distributed, accessed and consumed. The selected candidate will demonstrate strong passion to be part of our story, entrepreneurial in its nature and driven towards building a better, more enjoyable, more confident ecosystem around investment intelligence.  

The internship mission will be a mixed between  

  • The digital marketing support and studies 
  • The account management and client support services 

Contribution and collaboration

Digital marketing studies and support

  • Produce and publish the Monthly newsletter
  • Produce and improve the weekly analytics report measuring the ResearchPool traffic
  • Produce bespoke email campaigns and analysis of the results 

Account management and client support services

  • Manage of the support inbox for all clients request
  • Manage of the live chat with website users
  • Create new accounts
  • Schedule, prepare, and support, then deliver with online demos 

Continuously assessed skills:

  • Business French and English to express ideas and engage with clients 
  • Familiarity with social media strategies and platforms
  • Have an innate self-confidence in presenting and explaining digital solutions 
  • Capacity in finding smart solution for every-day problems 
  • Strong ownership of tasks and responsibilities allocated 
  • Be relentless in achieving goals, only give up achieving a higher purpose 
  • Be an active listener to continuously learn, and be a positive talker 

Profile :

  • M1/M2 or equivalent in Economy/Finance/Asset Management 
  • Financial market culture/equity appreciated 
  • Ability to use Digital marketing tools 
  • Ability to manage and use SQL database, and provide structured results 
  • Fluent oral and writing business French and English to interact with senior clientele 

This internship position will have you learn from seasoned finance and tech

This must be the placeprofessionals in a key component of the international FinTech community.  

Duration and location: 6 months based in Paris  to be able to start in December 2018 

Compensation :indemnity + 50% of public transportation costs  

Application : send a cover letter+ resume to [email protected] 

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