Setting Up Free Trial

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Setting up a free trial is as easy as 2 steps! Set up a subscription — choose a free trial period — done!


Scope of research

Which reports am I willing to set up a free trial for? Before start a free trial, you have to draw a plan – luckily the filter tools help you define your free trial easily. You can make only your Equity reports on Free Trial, leaving your quantitative reports on charge; Or the large cap reports for Free Trial, while more differenciated small cap reports as Premium.

Make sure that your free trial contents are interesting enough for research buyers, without giving out the totality of your quality work.


Scope of time

The time of Free Trial phase is completely flexible on ResearchPool. You can set up from 1 week to 1 year’s Free Trial, based on your intention. Make sure that your readers get enough time to view your reports, understand the value of it, and later on consider paying for it!

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