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Confidentiality and transparency are not mutually exclusive, but rather two sides of the same coin”- Thomas de Maiziere.

ResearchPool understands the importance of confidentiality in research to protect your privacy and maintain the ethical standards and the integrity of the research process, put simply, we want you to keep your free will and not be bothered when making your decisions.

Last month, a pre-eminent M&A advisor (we are going to call him Mr Pink… for confidentiality reasons) was preparing a M&A update for one of his clients.  He was looking for the news and the analysis in his clients’ sector of interest. Through Google, he landed on our platform and attracted to some research reports. He registered with his professional email to then realize that he is doing wrong and putting the confidentiality he owes to clients in danger! If the information of his interest had been leaked at the wrong time, competitors (his or his client’s) could find out.

He registered again, this time with a personal e-mail id so that he could be more anonymous, and better cover his tracks. He contacted us on Livechat and requested for the deletion of the account. This is when I came across Mr Pink, as I asked the reason for the same. He told me that confidentiality is vital for him and his clients and cannot take the risk of leaking out the information of the company he was working with.

I explained him the core values of ResearchPool which are at utmost importance to us;  neutrality which means that our platform has a same attribute and respect towards all the clients, and that is to keep all actions on the platform only. Also, since we are GDPR compliant, which means that the data and the identity of the individuals are securely stored in the database. After learning about our values, he felt satisfied and purchased several reports. He also created his interests for some Interest we helped him create to keep himself updated about the market changes in his interested companies.

We believe that many other players from his industry will come to us with the same approach, given that it is difficult to access the reports of some brokers without revealing oneself.

“Confidentiality is vital to our business and we take care of the privacy of all our stakeholders” . Boost research coverage with ResearchPool and generate informed investment ideas without worrying about confidentiality and privacy……:)



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