2 New Things that Shashank and I changed the way to access the financial intelligence!

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ResearchPool is always eager to give you the best user experience with investment research. So, we are constantly improving our workflows based on feedback and/or analytics.

After talking to beta users, we realized that we need to merge the interests that you had on providers, companies and asset classes into a single space, which we called “interests”! Not only did we make it more powerful! After registering for free on our platform, you can now set an interest which suits you according to meta data filters such as market capitalisation, geography, companies and even providers. Also, one can easily save his searches for his future reference which we called as “saved searches”. Till now 33,722 interests and 1304 saved searches have been created on the platform.

I remember three weeks ago when one of my friends named Shashank who is a portfolio manager and was struggling to choose between twenty to thirty companies to invest in. We were just talking about the recent economic developments in their markets, and he shared his problem and told me that he is completely baffled as he wasn’t satisfied with the analytical forecast that he has done. Being a novice with the stocks he was dealing with I told him to base his decisions on the right timing and see what others were forecasting, to take his decision. I introduced him to Researchpool and told him about the new features that are implementing on the platform.

To my surprise, he called me back after some days and explained how easily he could create interests by just a “+” button and segregated them by using Coloured Labels. He could also upload the ISIN of the companies he was planning to invest in, which made his life easy in several aspects. He did bespoke research by completely tailoring the research to his needs and save his different searches through “saved searches” feature.

And now he could receive the e-mail notifications, thus getting immediate knowledge of research publications, and decide whether to read them. Finally, after a week he took his final decision and invested in one of the companies based on the analysis done by a reputed provider. As it is rightly said by Ben Graham, “The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.”

We thereby invite you to explore this new feature and share your feedbacks and we will be continuing to improve the user experience thus giving you better way to organise your research…:)




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