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2018 Half Year Recap

Number of research providers and number of reports on our site have increased steadily according to our plan. Each season we welcome about 25 research providers, understand their clients base, and match the right offer for our clients before their settling on ResearchPool.

All reports on ResearchPool are from our reliable quality content providers. Once onboard, Providers have total control of how they would like to monetize on their reports and manage their reports and clients. ResearchPool does not produce or sponsor any reports on the website.


Traffic Top 10 country

The top ten countries where our activated users are from. We have a big presence in UK, France, US and India, and we cover major parts of Europe and Asia.



Market caps

Here is the market cap breakdown covered by reports available on our site, and their views. We can see that reports on Micro cap companies has a particular high demand, while Large Cap and Mid Cap companies remain strong and attracted big traffic.




Regarding report categories available on ResearchPool, most of the reports focus on Equity; nevertheless, we also have big audience on Market commentary, Technical & Index and Credit. The number of views not only depend on client’s demand, but also on provider’s quality.


Most popular sectors

The most viewed sectors on our websites are listed here.

Most active providers

Our dedicated providers upload their reports daily on the website. Here are the top ten who contributed the most on our Marketplace. Thank you for your hard work!

Most active providers


ValuEngine Inc US
Moody’s Investors Service US
Alpha Experts – Beta Financial Ltd UK
Ford Equity Research US
Day By Day France
GlobalData Plc UK
Morningstar US
Euromonitor UK
TheScreener Switzerland
SmartInsider UK

Most viewed providers

Congratulations also on the top ten providers who got the most attention of ResearchPool marketplace audience. In the next step, ResearchPool is going to launch more programs to better match report viewers to their desired providers.

Provider Country # of Reports Asset Class Free Pay per Click Subscription
Motilal Oswal India 844 Equity
IDFC Securities India 493 Equity
Trend and Timing France 565 Equity
DnB Markets Norway 1533 Equity
Vetiva Capital Management Nigeria 230 Equity
Moody’s Investors Service US 28558 Equity
ING Netherlands 2628 Equity
Morningstar US 8312 Equity
Oddo France 1220 Fixed Income & Equity
Edison Investment Research UK 582 Equity

Most prestigious analysts

Our rating system allows users to rate each report after they read it. By collecting the ratings, ResearchPool can better identify the quality of content, better serve our clients, as well as help providers improve their contents.

Note that the ratings are only visible by providers and between entitled clients. ResearchPool values privacy and client’s choice.



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Contact us to ask any questions: [email protected]

ResearchPool reserves all rights to final interpretation.

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