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Dear all,

As we moved the firm to France, we thought long and hard about our participation in the FinTech ecosystem and how we could try and best use it.  And we have marched another step forward yesterday!

Finance Innovation certification to FinTech start up ResearchPool

Since it is now official: we have been certified (unanimously) by Finance Innovation to join the close to 400 FinTechs that do receive the support of the French public innovation cluster.

Frankly, when we started, we did not believe this would open so many doors, but it has, together with our perhaps intense mindset.

In April 2018, we received an unanimous welcome from the certification committee : it was certainly another sign of the appreciation of the work, the user experience and the expectations on our business model.

Here is a translated version of  speech today as we received the award.  This is probably the right basis of any elevator pitch we do, or you want to do on ResearchPool.

Good morning to all, I am Antoine Loudenot, President of ResearchPool.  If you agree, I would like to use this 2 minutes pitch to reflect together on financial research.

EUR 20 billions

… is the size of the financial research market. At the beginning of this year, it was unbundled from that of trading in financial instruments.  However, does it mean that you now have access to this research?  We will need to optimise this market, just like communication has been redesigned with the advent of internet, social networks and so on

How did this idea occur to me?

Frankly, I never had the idea: I met my partners Anne et Pedro last year, who founded the company in the United Kingdom. Last year, I suggested that we bring the company’s operation and headquarters in France.

Together, we are now creating the European powerhouse on the investment intelligence market.

ResearchPool launched as soon as 2015 a marketplace, then a Solution as a Service (SaaS) to allow users to consume investment intelligence better, with 3 founding principles:


  • Allow each professional analyst to distribute their investment intelligence online, for anyone to access easily


  • Users need to have be free to select the content they want for making decisions, and keep their data and digital footprints confidential


  • In 2018, MiFID 2 has created a global revolution : for more than half of American or Asian portfolio managers, this will become their standard in 2 to 4 years.

Open, Neutral, European makes « ONE ».  This are the founding and differentiating factors for ResearchPool to create the valuation of knowledge.

Key international players now benefit from our services.  We would like to thank Guillaume Lasserre, CIO of Société Générale, for having chosen us and being present with us today.

Some figures to complete the picture:

  • Close to 1m reports are available, from 258 institutions,
  • The trafic on our platform is unrivaled by any of our competitors,
  • 351 unique clients now source their intelligence from ResearchPool.

The market is just in its infancy stage.  ResearchPool, with a full suited platform, expect to take over the next 5 years, 0,5% of the financial intelligence market, or 90m in turnover.

We aim for even bigger prospects.  We are open to partnerships to discuss.

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