AlphaMena Brings its MENA Financial Research to ResearchPool

AlphaMena brings MENA research to ResearchPool
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Research providers are crucial to the ResearchPool platform and we are constantly adding new providers and their insights. With over 14,600 financial reports and 35 research providers on the platform and growing, we created this blog post series to help you keep up with all the latest developments at ResearchPool and find the research providers with exactly the expertise and coverage you are looking for, today we are delighted to highlight and welcome another new provider to our platform AlphaMena.


AlphaMena is the MENA (Middle East North Africa) stocks leader in independent equity research, covering 142 MENA securities spanning across 19 sectors and 8 countries with a team of 11 analysts. The breadth of coverage allows AlphaMena to formulate a coherent view on markets, sectors and to highlight the best investments in the MENA zone using a robust homogeneous and transparent methodology, enabling pure and pertinent comparisons based on financial and extra-financial criteria.

Alphamena offers premium reports free from any conflict of interest, where it chooses to express its opinions from a minority shareholder/stakeholder standpoint in its subscription products. Paid For Research is also offered is freely available.

SAUDI STEEL PIPE CO: The local market first

AlphaMena’s most recent investment report covers the manufacturer Saudi Steel Pipe and is available for purchase on a pay as go basis:

Saudi Steel Pipe Company announced decreasing Q3 2015 revenues (-25.63% compared to Q3 2014), leading the revenues recognized since the beginning of the year to decline by 1.11%. The local revenues recorded since the beginning of the year remained almost at the same level as last year (-0.55%), contributing 93.4% of the total revenues. However, the export sales decreased by 8.32%. Despite the downward trend of the revenues, the 9M 2015 and the Q3 2015 net results increased significantly (+63.9% and +21.6% y-o-y, respectively).

Start reading AlphaMena’s report on Saudi Steel Pipe and keep an eye out for further updates to stay on top of our new research providers.

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