InTouch Capital Markets Joins ResearchPool’s Growing Platform

InTouch brings financial research to ResearchPool
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Research providers are crucial to the ResearchPool platform and we are constantly adding new providers and their insights. We now have over 13,300 financial reports and 33 research providers on the platform.

To help investors keep up with all the latest developments at ResearchPool and find the research providers with exactly the expertise and coverage they are looking for, today we are delighted to highlight and welcome a new provider on our platform.

InTouch Capital Markets

InTouch Capital Markets Ltd was founded in 2004 and provides institutional level financial market information, specialising in the Fixed Income, STIRs and the major Macro Markets. ITCM is made up of a team of former bank traders, brokers & portfolio managers.

As the financial world moves away from the old system of pit trading and towards fully electronic markets, information about what is driving the markets has become harder to obtain (institutional activity, large trades, new issuance, trader chatter, rumours, etc.). ITCM has developed a very wide, global network of contacts at major & regional banks, brokers and funds and seeks to fill this information gap through dialogue with their contact base.

Diverse Products

ITCM offers a wide variety of products:

  • ITC Markets Fixed Income and STIRs: Written product; time sensitive & market moving market intelligence
  • ITC Markets Training, Intelligence and Consultancy: Understanding market drivers; from advanced institutional traders to graduate training
  • InTouchFX: Written product; time sensitive & market moving market intelligence on Foreign Exchange markets
  • ITC PurePlay: Model based approach that identifies and removes the Beta from any market position. This model can be applied to FX, Fixed Income, Equities and Commodities markets
  • ITC CRVM: Computational Relative Value Matrix is a relative value model to enhance the ability of portfolio managers to invest in European Government Fixed Income

In Touch Charts – Visual Market Intelligence

Charts from InTouch Capital Markets

InTouch Charts deliver real time market information via our unique and interactive charts dashboard, where upcoming events and past news are displayed on the relevant security’s graph. Technical analysis tools and chart indicators combined with financial news and market intelligence provide a comprehensive market overview, literally at a glance. In Touch Charts currently covers Fixed Income markets, and is expanding into FX and Equity Indices.

Market Information displayed in InTouch Charts

  • Macro, Supply, Central Banks, Flows, Technical, Trade Recs, Options, General News
  • Sliding news tickers for recent news and upcoming events, categorized flags
  • Links to full news stories, calendars, research and technical analysis
  • Real time updates, alerts, scalable time frames, multiple chart windows

Technical Analysis Indicators and Visual tools:

  • Daily updated Support and Resistance levels
  • Volume at Price graph, multi day color coded chart
  • Long, medium and short term momentum gauges
  • Fixed Income Auction Stop levels
  • Options Open Interest Changes

In addition to the In Touch Charts platform we send out daily reports, such as the popular midday “Bund Macro Technicals”, a publication that combines global macro, European fixed income flows and market colour with technical analysis. This report also features multi asset strategy, where relevant thematic insights concur with technical set-ups to provide actionable investing ideas.

Bunds Macro Technicals – Finally Correcting

InTouch’s most recent investment report is a roundup of the Eurex Bund and is available for free on Researchpool:

​A brief midday roundup of the Eurex Bund future, combining Euro Government Bond market flows and supply, global macroeconomic data, multi-asset class insight and technical analysis to give investors a perspective of where and why the market may be heading in the short term.

Today’s issue gives a short term (60 minute chart) as well as a medium term (daily chart) perspective for Eurex Bund futures.

Start reading ITCM’s report Bunds Macro Technicals and keep an eye out for further updates to stay on top of our new research providers.

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