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Research providers are crucial to the ResearchPool platform and we are constantly adding new providers and their insights. With over 9,500 financial reports and 27 research providers, ResearchPool’s research aggregation platform now covers 61 markets across 6 continents. To help investors keep up with all the latest developments at ResearchPool and find the research providers with exactly the expertise and coverage they are looking for, today we are delighted to highlight and welcome a new provider on our platform.

Emerald Financial Advisers

Emerald Financial Advisers is a research-driven corporate finance boutique bringing together investors and corporates. Founded Axel Funhoff and Arnaud Goossens with nearly 40 years of experience of equity markets, Emerald offers bespoke equity research covering companies ranging from small to large caps.

As well as producing equity research to increase the exposure of European small and mid-caps, Emerald offers M&A advisory, investor relations strategy and financial information tools.

A New Model for Financial Research

Emerald Financial Advisers releases independent as well as sponsored financial research, following a new and innovative business model where fees are not linked to opinions and views, and where they refund the company as soon as the proceeds have reached the compensation received for producing the report. Where a report has been sponsored this is clearly indicated on the front page of the report.

This new business model for financial research hopes to improve the visibility of small & mid caps that deserve wider market attention and ownership among worldwide investors.

Roularta – Back on its Feet

Emerald’s first investment report covers Roularta, Belgium’s leading media company and is available for purchase on a pay as you basis:

Following the exit of loss-making French publishing business in early 2015, we expect Roularta to (1) expand ROCE to 14% by 2017e from an average of 4% since 2006, (2) improve its earnings power (15% EPS CAGR 2015-17e) and (3) significantly deleverage its balance sheet (net cash by 2017e). We see two value drivers going forward: (1) a rerating of the stock triggered by the value of Roularta’s 50% stake in Medialaan (we estimate €22.6/share, well above Roularta’s current share price) and (2) the earnings growth potential from the core publishing activity through efficiency improvements. The stock should attract a wider range of investors, including those seeking dividend yield, turnaround plays as well as classical GARP profile. Stock liquidity remains, however, an issue which could be solved, we believe, by improved visibility and understanding by investors.​

Start reading Emerald’s report on Roularta and keep an eye out for further updates to stay on top of our new research providers.

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