Research Ahead Brings Macro-Economic Insights to ResearchPool

Research Ahead joins ResearchPool
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Research providers are crucial to the ResearchPool platform and we are constantly adding new providers and their insights. We now have over 12,800 financial reports and 32 research providers on the platform.

To help investors keep up with all the latest developments at ResearchPool and find the research providers with exactly the expertise and coverage they are looking for, today we are delighted to highlight and welcome a new provider on our platform.

Research Ahead GmbH

Research Ahead offers a broad range of services in the field of macro-economic research and financial market strategy. With extensive experience and knowledge about the key economies and asset markets. Areas covered include the global economy with a special focus on Europe and the US, asset allocation as well as interest rates & fx strategy in particular.

Research Ahead GmbH was founded in May 2009 and is owned by Daniel Pfaendler. Prior to becoming an independent research provider he served as Head of Economics & Strategy at a European investment bank.

The Third Wave: Debt-deflation spiral reaches the corporate sector

Research Ahead’s first investment report looks at the global debt-deflation spiral and is available for purchase on a pay as you go basis:

We are about to witness the third wave of the global debt-deflation spiral. The first wave – the global financial crisis – started when dropping asset values lead to an evaporation of equity capital in the highly leveraged banking sector. During the second wave – the Eurozone debt crisis – the peripheral countries saw their deficits and debt ratios balloon while market access deteriorated, forcing sovereigns to dramatically tighten fiscal policy. Now, we are in the midst of the third wave, a debt-deflation spiral which is spreading amongst emerging market and commodity producing corporates. This weighs on global growth and developed market exports. The discrepancy between the domestic and services oriented economy on the one side and the export oriented manufacturing areas on the other promises to become more pronounced in Europe and in the US.

Start reading Research Ahead’s report on the global debt-deflation spiral and keep an eye out for further updates to stay on top of our new research providers.

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