Test your position against the industry average with the ‘tragedy of the horizon’ summer survey

2degrees investing and the Generation Foundation
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ResearchPool supports the ‘tragedy of the horizon’ research program by providing you access to this quick and user friendly online survey developed by two non-profit organisations: 2degrees investing and the Generation Foundation. This open research program seeks to understand how investment time horizons influence investors in their considerations of long-term risks and opportunities when implementing […]

Rating agencies entering SRI – the model developed by Standard Ethics

Standard Ethics
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Introduction To Sustainability Measurement Products That Change Corporate Incentives After the financial crisis, it became clear that financial valuations and the creditworthiness of companies are useful references in a narrow financial sense but not enough to allow the analyst to make a fully informed judgment about the company’s long-term sustainability or identify risks on the […]

BREXIT: U.K. REFERENDUM SPECIAL – WaveTrack International

WaveTrack International Brexit special
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WaveTrack International Maximising Alpha – Global Stock Index Tracking WaveTrack International provides the investment community with Index Tracking research and analysis for Global Stock markets. Publishing reports and advising clients on price movements for the last 25 years, our specific task is to maximise your Alpha. This is achieved by accurately projecting Price Trend Development […]

The power of research for small & mid-caps

Guest post from Emerald advisors
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Equity research plays an essential role as an intermediary and filter of information dissemination from corporates/equity issuers to investors. The analysis provided by equity research professionals, in the form of company/industry prospects, share price assessment (equity valuation) and investment recommendation, assists investors in their investment selection process. This is also the case for European small […]

Two Questions Every Growth Company Management Should Ask Themselves

Guest blog post from hardman and co
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 ‘Who will be our next investors?’ & ‘What will they expect from us?’ By Antony Gifford, Hardman & Co ‘The Capital Cycle of a Growth Company’ This article attempts to help management of small growth companies consider one of the crucial aspects of their role – the need to raise equity capital. It is hard […]


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The strategy identifies a cyclical opportunity in Russia. In addition to an improved balance of payments, our real-time measures point to lower inflation. This scenario increases the scope for monetary easing, which is generally beneficial for asset prices. Long Russian IR was already among the best performing trades in 2015 and remains an opportunity.   1. […]

Polish life science companies – Highly promising and with global ambitions

Guest post from East value research on healthcare
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Some facts about the Polish healthcare sector The Polish healthcare sector is divided into a public (worth PLN 65bn/EUR 14.7bn in 2015) and private segment (PLN 40bn/EUR 9bn). The public part, which is financed by obligatory monthly contributions of employees and entrepreneurs, is managed by the National Health Fund (NFZ), which acts both as a […]

The Road to Canossa

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That the artificial interest rates in evidence in our hugely distorted capital and money markets can be made negative in nominal as well as in real terms is, alas, the curse of the modern age. Though entirely at odds with natural order – as we have repeatedly tried to make plain – they are also […]

Is the risk of Grexit still able to spook financial markets?

Iniohos Advisory Services - Investment Research John Galakis
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Since 2010, when the Greek debt crisis began, there has been extensive talk of a possible Greek exit from the euro zone and return to its own currency. The possible exit from the monetary union has often been referred to as ‘Grexit’, a combination of the phrase “Greek exit” (1). The risk of a likely […]

Reward your Risk: Introducing the Treasure Hunter

Reward your Risk Introducing the Treasure Hunter
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Famed investor Benjamin Graham once said, “Individuals who cannot master their emotions are ill-suited to profit from the investment process.” Mr. Graham knew that having control over your emotions when investing can mean the difference between success and failure. Investors are humans, who do all of the things that traditional economic theory suggests they should […]